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Unpleasantness of tyre rolling sounds

Following our experiment on the perceptual acoustic space of tyre rolling noises, we identified several psychoacoustics parameters that were used by participants to differentiate rolling tyre noises.

We synthesized artificial tyre noises to control these different parameters and to test their influence on the unpleasantness felt by people in the following listening scenario: participants of the experiment had to imagine that it was night and that they were falling asleep when, suddenly, a vehicle was passing by their bedroom. The participant had to attribute an unpleasantness score – ranging from 0 to 1000 – for each of the synthesized stimuli.

Thanks to the 31 students at INSA-Lyon, we just finished this experiment. This will allow us to identify the parameters causing the most unpleasantness. Furthermore, we will link the results with future experiment on the impact of the same acoustics properties of tyre rolling noise  on physiological stress and sleep.