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Work package 1: Project management

D1.1: Ethical guidelines and templates (confidential)
D1.2: Project intranet, internal guidelines and other MGT procedures (confidential)
D1.3: Data Management Plan (confidential)

Work package 2: Tyre wear and emissions

D2.1: Detailed design of research procedures and methods, including approaches and tools for sampling and characterisation of tyre particles (confidential)
D2.2: Final results from the assessment and characterisation of tyre particle emissions (confidential)
D2.3: Results from chemical transformations of tyre organic compounds and volatiles and health hazard potential classification
D2.4: Results from the comparison of tyre tread wear and related particle emissions

Work package 3: Microplastics

D3.1: Improved sample pre-treatment, thermo-analytical and microscopic methods for determination of TWP in environmental matrices (Available here)
D3.2: Results from monitoring TWP (results from selective field measurements) in different environmental compartments
D3.3: Results from degradation testing of TWP
D3.4: Updated emission model for local and EU scale scenario’s
D3.5: Quantification of TWP in environmental compartments and comparison to other MPs

Work package 4: Tyre noise effects

D4.1: Definition of the acoustic perceptual space of tyre noise and creation and synthesis of tyre sound stimuli for health studies (Available here)
D4.2: Results on perceptual and physiological response to selected tyre sound stimuli (Available here)
D4.3: Results on sleep disturbance and cardiovascular risk to different tyre noise psychoacoustic parameters

Work package 5: Airless tyre

D5.1: Airless tyres – A State-of-the-art report (Available here)
D5.2: Two Composite Wheel airless tyre prototypes
D5.3: Technical performance of the tyre prototypes (confidential)
D5.4: Demonstration, seminar and final report of WP5 (confidential)

Work package 6: Policy recommendations

D6.1: Evaluation of future new policies and mitigation strategies on tyre wear particle emissions
D6.2: Evaluation of future new policies and mitigation strategies on microplastic emissions
D6.3: Evaluation of future new policies on noise emissions
D6.4: Policy recommendations executive summary

Work package 7: Outreach and dissemination

D7.1: Dissemination and communication strategy with KPI (Available here)
D7.2: Website, project identity and promotional materials (Available here)
D7.3: Mid-Term Communication and Dissemination and Liaison summary (Available here)
D7.4: Final Communication and Dissemination and Liaison summary
D7.5: Exploitation Plan (confidential)

Work package 8: Ethics requirements

D8.1: NEC – Requirement No.1 (confidential)
D8.2 POPD – Requirement No. 2 (confidential)