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LEON-T General Assembly at IDIADA

The second general assembly of LEON-T was held on October 10 and 11 in Applus+ IDIADA. The following people were present on site or online and provided an overview of the progress of their work:

  • Juan J. Garcia, Antonio Pérez Martínez, Barath Anantharamaiah, Eduard Rey Giró and Rosa Delgado from Applus IDIADA
  • Marjolein Salens from the European Comission
  • Luke Parker and Peter Tromp from TNO
  • Joris Quik from RIVM
  • Michael Smith from the UNIVERSITY OF GOTHENBURG
  • Etienne Parizet and Thibaut Marin-Cudraz from INSA-LYON
  • Mats Gustafsson, Anders Genell and Ulf Sandberg from VTI
  • Marcel Mathissen and Rainer Vogt from FORD
  • Marcos Lerides and Aitor Hornés from BAX COMPANY
  • Timm Flebbe from Linglong Tire
  • Hans-Erik Hansson from EUROTURBINE
  • Sebastian Granstat from AUDI

You can find below the photos of the person attending the GA on site.

A big thanks to IDIADA’s staff for a well organized meeting and their warm welcome. They offered us LEON-T mugs so that we can think about LEON-T, even at coffee!