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17/03/2022 First meeting about possible synergies with nPETS

The 17/03/2022, LEON-T members were part of a meeting to explore synergies with the nPETS project (nanoParticle Emission from the Transport Sector), that aims to monitor and sample with state-of-the-art particle instruments the sub 100 nm transport generated emissions from shipping, road, rail, and aviation both in field and controlled laboratory environments.

After the presentation of both projects, the following discussion explored the possible synergies between nPETS and LEON-T. Most of the common interests were found to be with parts of LEON-T that concern microparticles:

Objective 1: Correlate particulate emissions lab and road tests

Objectif 2: Standardisation of test setup for tyre abrasion rate measurement

Objectif 3: Environmental dispersion of tyre-generated microplastics

Objective 6: Mitigating policy measures on tyre-road interaction to microplastics in the environment, to airborne particulates exposure.

A smaller group with only the most involved members of each project will continue to explore interactions and synergies.